Ascended Message for today 9/29/2019 The Rabbit

Trust your intuition at this time. If you are a male, you may need to tap into your feminine energy or get in touch with your emotions. Some relationships may need to be re-evaluated. Beware of people who may be trying to deceive or trick you. If you’re being told something but you’re not sure if it’s truth, seek more knowledge about the subject.

If you’re female, you need to pay close attention to your menstrual cycle, if you’ve been trying to conceive, you might have an undiagnosed fertility issue. Increase your water intake or change your diet & clear your sacral chakra.

Whether male or female, concentrate on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, focus on strengthening your nervous system. It’s time to release any burdens that have been weighing you down or causing you stress before they begin to make you physically ill. The color red may have some significance to you for the next few weeks so remain aware of things you see that are red. There also may be an Aries in your environment of importance or you may be, but show some extra love to this person or yourself during this time.

Overall things are changing in your life, new shifts are happening so remain open & flexible.

This has been a guided message from source through me, i hope it helps, i love y’all, Joy.

10 of Wands


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