Ascended Message For 9/21/2019 The Osprey (FishHawk)

Take your time & evaluate each opportunity that lies before you. Choose which one aligns best for you at this time. Then, focus & devote your time & creative energy to this project. Trying to juggle multiple offers at this time may cause you to take unnecessary risks or “drop the ballso you may need to seek the advice of a prominent male figure in your life, one whom you love & trust (father, uncle, or someone who’s upstanding in your community). As the end of the month draws near, you may also feel the need to detox or fast to cleanse your system but try to include fish into your diet when you can.

This has been a guided message from source through me, i hope it helps, i love y’all, THANK YOU, Joy

King of Cups #16, Prince of Pentacles #3

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