Lung Connection

As the talks of the fires burning in the Amazon Rain Forests heats up, I just wanted to touch a little bit on the subject of our lungs & lung functions. It’s been reported that the Amazon Rain Forests are considered to be the lungs of the earth. Keeping this in mind, think of this also then, if the rain forests are our lungs & they are currently on fire that would mean essentially earth as a unit would be suffocating because our lungs are filling with smoke. That would also mean that there is no clean, fresh air. If the lungs arent filled with clean fresh air, eventually everything will die. That is, if we are speaking about our lung function of the earth as it corresponds to the lung function of the human body. If the two are compared in the same aspect the correlation is pretty accurate. Let’s do a quick comparison as it relates, human body to planet earth. Inside the human body the lungs are responsible for oxygenation, which is the air exchange that extends to all other parts of the body. With that being said, if the “lungs” of the earth are being suffocated right now by fire, then they cannot provide adequate oxygenation to the rest of the body. Oxygenation affects all systems of our human body but probably none more than our Central Nervous System, which is housed primarily in the head, neck & back areas. My question is, if the Amazon Rain Forest is our lungs, the lungs are located in the chest, so that area of the world would equate to earth’s chest, correct? Where then, geographically speaking, would earths head be located? The chest is being deprived of oxygen due to poor lung function so now the brain isnt receiving proper oxygenation. I’m curious to know if North America is the “head” because if so, that would certainly explain some of the side effects that is being noted at this time in the United States. Oxygen deprivation in the brain or cns, causes restlessness, confusion, & combativeness.

Taking a look at restlessness: In recent weeks the United States Government has been going back & forth when it comes to resolving issues with foreign nations like China for example & Iran just to only name a couple. The US has begun talks on specific issues, seemingly attempting to initiate peaceful peaceful negotiations but then not following through on them. Causing more conflict, while leaving important issues up in the air, without a resolve.

Next there’s confusion: The US has collectively developed a growing consciousness of living a healthy lifestyle & adopting better eating habits. However at this time there is a trending chicken sandwich craze that has resulted in a 60 million plus dollar surge to the fast food industry, especially Chick-fil-A & Popeyes Chicken. This in turn, caused KFC to further confuse the people with their innovative pitch of putting out a new plant based chicken meal, which, by the way, sold out in record time. I’m not sure if this is helping or hurting the situation at this point. Oh The Humanity!!!

Now let’s continue on to combativeness: Gun violence continues to plague the US and even has been increasing in Canada & other parts of North America as well. The United States Government seems to be conflicted on gun control laws and doesn’t seem to be gaining an alliance or any compliance with the NRA. Meanwhile the population of people that have been effected by the recent mass shootings & the rash of violence, receive no sympathy or compassion as they are left to grieve/bereave over their losses.

Well I say all this to say, maybe collectively, the world as a whole, should put just a little more focus on protecting, cultivating, restoring & preserving our lungs, which are our rain forests. There are certain organs that the human body can live without but the lungs arent one of them. The world will survive without certain elements & aspects but the Amazon Rain Forests isn’t one of them. That Is All! I Love You. I’m Off It!!


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