Clean Summer

As the summer nears, i just want to send out a message to everyone. Im asking please take care of our oceans & natural land areas like our parks, fields & farmlands etc.

Over the course of the Memorial Day week-end, i was sad to learn that vacationers had left more than 10 tons of trash on Virginia Beach. That news was both disgusting & saddening to say the very least. With the growing problem of climate change & pollutants that effect our air & water. The human race as a whole is its own worst enemy.

The outdated clean air act & clean water act of 1970 seems to be no longer effective in the fight to regulate chemical emissions that go into the air & water as there is no real way to keep track of nor calculate the amount of cheimcals & pollutants that are being emitted. There are simply not enough sewage treatment & waste water plants in operation. Landfills are disgustingly overcrowded & filled to capacity. These are just a few of the problems we are currently facing.

I challenge everyone to be proactive in keeping the earth beautiful & as clean as possible while you’re enjoying your summer year. Be aware of the destruction that you may be potentially causing & remind yourselves that Mother Earth is beautiful. Humans beings share this space with animals as well as all plant life. Let’s save ourselves, from ourselves.

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