Its always, in my opinion, most uniquely attractive when people are able to be their most authentic selves. It seems more and more, in recent instances, that people have become more interested in morphing themselves into someone else. I attribute a lot of this activity closely connected to the effects that social media has had on our society. Social media is not to blame I don’t feel, but I will say that the amount of time that everyone spends on their devices has lead to a false sense of reality for some folks. Now a days, it appears, that people don’t feel socially accepted unless they get the approval or “following” that they view or perceive that someone else has. This has lead to individuals doing just about ANYTHING to achieve a certain amount of “status” both in the cyber world and the real world as well. Maybe there is some sort of false sense of security that’s attached to this behavior but honestly its just sad to watch. No amount of money or clout is worth giving up or losing who you truly are. Once you aspire to “be” someone else, the real YOU is usually gone forever. So I say all this to say: stay true to who you are, a copy will NEVER be as good as an original, love yourself enough to be BeYOUtiful.

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