The Color of Racism

So in the last few weeks I’ve come to notice how racism & colorism has crept back up to become the center focus of alot of issues & news worthy stories in our society. With times becoming increasingly more trying for everyone, I’m not understanding how we could still be at a level of allowing race issues to continue to plague & distract us from the more important & relevant situations that we need to be giving our attention to. I wanted to touch on the Liam Neeson comment for just a second. The question I asked is “are you upset that he felt that way, or are you upset that he told us that he felt that way”. I asked that question because, while the statement was a racist statement, it was also a very honest one. It’s no secret that racism exists, we all know this to be true. However, without having open dialogues about these feelings from both sides of the conversation, nothing will ever change about it’s existence. We cannot afford to let this happen. I’m thankful that Liam shared how he felt because honestly, we encounter people everyday in our every day lives that feel that exact way towards us simply because of our race. Makes no difference whether you are black, white, brown, yellow, it doesn’t matter. There’s always someone opposite your race or of a different race, that you may work alongside with, ride the bus or train with, see daily at the store, or whatever the case, that shares those exact same feelings that he had. The difference is you will never know because they won’t ever tell you. Can you see the problem with that? The problem is, the person who feels this way but never expresses it to you could “snap” & carry out those thoughts and feelings & do harm towards you & you may be taken totally off guard by it because you never expected or suspected it from them. By then it’s too late, you’re either dead or badly injured. Let’s start talking about it.

Next there’s the issues of colorism between people of the same race, more specifically that black race, speaking as a black woman. Ever since I can remember, there has always been a stigmatism of colorism within the black community. The lighter your skin complexion somehow equated to being “better” or “favored”. That way of thinking was taught, passed down from generation to generation going back to the days of slavery. Lighter skin negroes were allowed in the masters house, darker skin negroes had to remain in the field. This caused darker skin negroes to resent the lighter skin negroes, lighter skin negroes felt “entitlement”, all & all it doesn’t matter black is black. The conflict of inner feuds within races happens in all races to some degree, whites to whites, hispanic to hispanic, native to native, if you’re multiracial it’s even worse. This unnecessary divide & separation that continues to stagnate the growth of the black community & humanity as a whole must change. We have to change our minds about one another if we are going to successfully make this shift, regardless of ethnicity or shade of hue. Love is colorless, it must be felt within & displayed without, by everyone during this great revival. Joy

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